#BadTrip: Eric Andre & Lil Rel Howery Buddy Prank ‘Bad Trip’ Film Hits No. 1 On Netflix
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Bad Trip Netflix

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Netflix has another hit movie featuring the unlikely hijinks of Eric Andre, Lil Rel Howery, and Tiffany Haddish in Bad Trip. The buddy-prank film follows Andre and Howery as small-town Florida friends on a road trip but followed by Howery’s ex-con sister in Haddish with plenty of hilarious, and sometimes dangerous, pranks along the way involving unsuspecting people.

Bad Trip, directed by Kitao Sakurai and produced by Jackass co-creator Jeff Tremaine, the film follows the journey of Chris (Andre), who works at a car wash where the scene of the first prank takes place and goes off the rails from there. Chris spots his high school crush at the car wash and without giving it all away, everything goes wrong in a matter of minutes.

But Chris, spotting his old flame Maria (Michaela Conlin), is inspired to follow his heart and ill-advised intentions, roping Bud into the scheme of going to New York to ask for Maria’s hand. Bud’s sister Trina (Haddish) is then thrust into the story after Chris and Bud steal Trina’s “Bad Bitch” car and embark on a road trip for the ages.

One prank got especially dangerous in a barbershop that led to Chris and Bud getting chased out of the establishment with a knife. According to an interview Andre did with Yahoo! Entertainment, Howery quit filming on the first day after the knife was drawn on them but returned. Amazingly enough, Haddish joined the cast after learning that Howery almost left the project for good.

The reaction to Bad Trip has been cropping up on Twitter since releasing last Friday (March 26) and it is at the top of the streaming service’s top 10 viewership field for good reason. We just watched it and, yes, it’s completely zany. over the top, and definitely hilarious.

Check out the tweets below.

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