Courtney Michelle Draws Ire Of Black Twitter After Seemingly Putting Ari Fletcher & Jayda Wayda On Blast
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Courtney Michelle

Source: @thecourtneyc / Instagram

Courtney Michelle, who refers to herself as a Luxury Lifestyle Vlogger, released a video to TikTok that seemingly threw two other Black women entrepreneurs under the bus. In the video, Michelle refers to Ari Fletcher and Jayda Cheeaves AKA JAYDA WAYDA, saying that she doesn’t understand why popular social media personalities are “goals” for others.

In the viral TikTok video, Michelle is seen driving along and opens her video by saying, “I don’t relate to most of y’all because a lot of you look to Ari and Jayda, and, beautiful girls, but like that’s your goals of what you want to be like.”

She continued, “Goals for me is the mom who pulls up to Whole Foods in the brand new Escalade with the Mim Xari stroller, her kids are decked out, Lululemon head to toe, and it’s like 2 PM on a Tuesday, you know she ain’t got no job but she’s living her best life.”

After catching some of the residual flak, Courtney Michelle dipped back into the TikTok well and clarified her statements. Essentially, she states that Ari and Jayada are definitely their own bosses but she claims she’s speaking about the aesthetics of it all and not how they got to the bag. However, the video, on its surface, doesn’t seem to do a good job of why she used Ari and Jayda as an example in the first place.

Black Twitter caught wind of the video and the comments are all over the map as you can imagine. We’ve got the videos and comments below.

Photo: Instagram

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