Ella Mai Returns With “DFMU” Single
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  • Post published:04/02/2022
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Her first single in a few years, Ella Mai returns with her first single from her long-in-the-works sophomore album “DFMU.”

This song in this process was very, very hard for me because it was like my life in real time. So it was almost a therapy session. But I think that’s the best way,” Ella said to Zane Lowe. “All the people that I grew up listening to are always very, very honest. And I’ve always just appreciated honesty. I think it’s the best way I think that people can relate to you also so…I was having a very honest conversation with Prince Charlez who I wrote the song with about I was going through at that point. And it just was basically a conversation, and it just came together that way. And I think those are the best songs because storytelling is just conversation really. It was one of the ones during the recording process that I just knew it had to make… I think it was maybe the 10th song in the recording process. I recorded a whole bunch of songs. And I remember saying to my day manager, I was like, “Yeah, this is making the list.” And she was like, “We just started. Calm down. There’s no list yet. We’ve got a long way to go.” And I’m like, “Yeah. Yeah, I know. But I just feel this one. I just feel this one on a different level.” And I’m grateful that it still made the list.”

Listen to the track below.

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