Hall Of Fame Foolishness: John Stockton Goes Full Anti-Vax In New Documentary, Fans React
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John Stockton played all 19 seasons of his Hall of Fame NBA career with the Utah Jazz and is still the league’s all-time assist and steals leader. However, some are looking at the point guard dishing off an assist to the anti-vax community and appeared in a documentary aimed to stoke fears, and fans have levied their criticism towards Stockton via Twitter.

Stockton, 59, appeared in clips from the documentary Covid and the Vaccine: Truth, Lies and Misconceptions Revealed, which made its rounds on social media this week. In the clip, Stockton, again, not a medical professional, claims to have put the study time in to effectively speak on so-called conspiracy theories that have been widely debunked by the medical community.

In the clip in question, Stockton can be seen promoting the angle of the coronavirus pandemic being used as a tool of control and the robbery of freedoms from Americans, a point that has been bandied about by those who lean towards the talking points of some extreme conservatives and the QAnon segment of the population.

“This isn’t a virus cheating us of this opportunity,” Stockton said. “It’s the guys making decisions saying, ‘No, no we’re too scared. We’re going to shut everything down. Sit in your house and be careful.’ My kids and my grandkids hearing these things and accepting them as truth when I know by my significant amount of research that it isn’t, it’s very frustrating.”

Whatever research Stockton did or didn’t do has been the subject of chatter online since the clips went wide. We’ve got some of the reactions listed out below.

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