PJ Washington Appears To Call Out His Baby Mama Brittany Renner For “Faking” Their Relationship, Twitter Prays For Him
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  • Post published:28/07/2021
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NBA Hooper PJ Washington Accuses Brittany Renner of "Faking" Relationship

Source: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

PJ Washington seems to be having some serious regrets about knocking up Instagram model Brittany Renner.

The once-happy couple is now on the outs. Washington and Renner seemed to be heading towards a future marital bliss, almost a month after they confirmed they were dating, Renner revealed she was pregnant with the Charlotte Hornets’ hooper’s child.

Not too long after the birth of their child, it didn’t take social media too long to notice that there was no longer evidence of the two dealing with each other because they have wiped any existence of each other from their respective Instagram pages. Washington seemingly confirmed he and Renner are no longer dealing with each other this week in a now-deleted tweet saying, “you was faking it all along.”

If you happen to scroll down his timeline, you will see Washington has shared a series of cryptic tweets saying “I love my son” and “watch the snakes cause they watchin you.”

Renner has been on Instagram sharing other women’s posts in her Instagram Stories with messages hinting that she may be responding to Washington.

Twitter, of course, has chimed in and decided to pray for the young hooper who they feel got “caught up” and in Renner’s “long game,” whatever that means.

Whatever the case might be, we hope both Washington and Renner can at least get along to handle co-parenting duties when it comes to their son.

You can peep more reactions in the gallery below.

Photo: Jacob Kupferman / Getty

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