Steve Harvey Drops All-Green Outfit Pic, Twitter Reacts As One Can Expect
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  • Post published:11/10/2021
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Steve Harvey has always pushed the boundaries of style and fashion, which often has resulted in observers firing off jokes and memes at his expense. In recent weeks, the comedian and television host has made some more bold choices in those areas, and his latest outfit has Twitter reacting only as they can.

Via social media on Friday (October 8), Harvey, 64, gave the streets an all-green shirt, slacks, tie, and topcoat combo complete with some sleek brown shoes and shades while standing proudly in a bathroom that probably costs more than your entire home. This look adds to a long list of other ‘fits that Harvey has gotten off over the years and not for nothing, this one ain’t half bad in our opinion.

Because Twitter will never resist a chance to roast a famous person, especially one they might have some manner of an issue with, the jokes and slander came swift and steady, with some folks framing jokes that Harvey looks like he’s going for a role in The Matrix, to others saying he looks like some suave supervillain.

Again, we think the outfit looks fine but apparently, we’re in the minority. And apparently, he’s currently on vacation with his lovely wife, Marjorie, who also looked pretty damn good herself in the streets of Paris, France where the Harveys are currently kicking it. Again, and we realize how easy it’s been to pick on Harvey’s style over the years, this is by fire the most fire fit he’s gotten off in a long time. Salute to the stylist.

Check out the reactions to Steve Harvey’s pic below.

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