The Turkey Leg Hut Jig Explained, Black Twitter Has All The Jokes
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  • Post published:06/07/2021
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Turkey Leg Hut

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Let’s start at the beginning, Turkey Leg Hut is a restaurant in Houston, Texas. In now-deleted Instagram post (that’s the first sign of the jig), the destination shared a new dress code that upon perusal was deemed as anti-Black by most anyone with sense.

“We are not a club, we are a family friendly restaurant,” read part of the post (that’s another sign of the jig if you’re keeping tabs).

On the banned list of attire were items like “sagging pants” and “wave caps.” At least they didn’t mention bonnets, but they did nix “shower caps.” Swimwear and “excessively revealing clothing” was also a no-go.

Turkey Leg Hut was immediately called out for its possible racist (ya think?) nefariousness but also just as fast were the jokes being let off. Folks were posting pics of people dressed to the nines, fittin’ to go to Turkey Leg Hut. The jest being that it’s damn Turkey Leg Hut, not a Michelin starred restaurant.

Peep the jokes and slander below.

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