Trick Daddy Proudly Declares He Likes Getting Salad Tossed, Proctology Twitter Digs In
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Trick Daddy has never seemed to be the kind of person that minces his words and that’s evidenced by hits such as “Naan” and “Shut Up” among other offerings. During a media appearance, the Florida veteran proudly declared that he’s a fan of getting his, ahem, salad tossed, and Proctology Twitter totally digs in.

Trick Daddy was a guest on N.O.R.E. and DJ EFN’s popular Drink Champs podcast and the topic of salad tossing, which we shouldn’t have to explain, came up during the conversation. In a matter-of-fact tone, Trick didn’t hesitate when asked if women ever performed the act on him.

“Women eat the booty too,” Trick responded, answering N.O.R.E. with surprising sincerity. “I get ate out. I get out, aye listen man, check this out.”

N.O.R.E. cut Trick off to ask if the rapper puts his legs up to receive the action and TRick, without blinking, said “It depends.”

The video clip was shared by @Just_Cardo and has since gone viral. We’ve looked on the Drink Champs page and we weren’t able to determine if this is an upcoming episode or one that has previously aired.

And this goes without saying but in no way are we into kink-shaming on this side of things because if two (or more) consenting adults want to get into the mixing bowl and combine whatever vegetables and dressing they’re into trying, who are we to judge?

Check out the video below and then keep scrolling to peep the hilarious reactions from Twitter.


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