Twitter Once Again Boxes Katy Chen AKA Awkwafina Out The Low Post Over Blaccent Use
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Awkwafina has somehow managed to dodge the stigma of cultural appropriation after employing a blaccent, which should be a huge huge no-no for an Asian-American woman. On Twitter, the Shang-Chi and The Ten Rings star has her name trending on Twitter once again after fans resurfaced one of her older songs that some feel was anti-Black and largely offensive.

Simi Liu, who played Shang-Chi in the Marvel hit film, found himself the target of a near-cancellation after an old Reddit conversation from 2015 was dug up and allegedly connected to the former stuntman turned leaning man. It appears that Liu’s moment on the Summer Jam screen sparked fans to dig into the archives and harkened back to a 2012 song a video featuring Awkwafina titled “My Vag” that wasn’t the most positive or friendly to Black icons such as Serena Williams.

Twitter user @KirkWrites79 shared a tweet on Friday (September 17) pointing back to the “My Vag” track and it can be assumed that Liu, who seemingly addressed the controversy via a vague tweet, was the reason this came back up.

Another Twitter user, @WellsLucasSanto, added a series of tweets, clips from the “My Vag” lyrics, portions of the actual video, and more.

“A lot of people don’t know that she got big by doing stuff like this, and whenever I make a tweet they come outta the woodworks not having done their homework,” @WellsLucasSanto wrote in a quote tweet using @KirkWrites79’s tweet.

Lil Dicky caught some shrapnel too in a corresponding tweet in the thread.

“Someone’s gonna say “It’s just a joke”, except these aren’t funny? And moreover, how come so many non-Black “rappers” treat it only as a joke? [Thinking face] And then use it as a platform to get big just to bail on it after? (Yes, I’m calling out Lil Dicky too.),” @WellsLucasSanto added.

We’ve got reactions to Awkwafina’s name trending again, just as it did a few weeks ago for the same reason, below.

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