Twitter Reacts To Debut Of New Rory and Mal Podcast on Spotify
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  • Post published:14/06/2021
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Rory & Mal

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To say that the breakup up Rory and Mal from Joe Budden and his eponymous podcast was dramatic would be a massive understatement. However, the former co-hosts of the sometimes rapper’s popular pod have finally returned with their own, Rory & Mal on Spotify.

You know the breakup was serious business if Benny The Butcher namechecks it in a freestyle.

But anyway, after Rory and Mal split, Budden has seemed to move on, but not amidst more controversy after he was credibly accused of sexual harassment by DJ Olivia Dope, for which he apologized.

It’s a safe bet the Rory & Mal podcast will be less problematic than their lengthy run with Budden. “Let’s try some different shit,” said Mal during the hour-long episode. “Let’s change the optics a little bit on this media culture or whatever you wanna call it.” Interestingly, the show is part of a Kevin Durant-backed podcast network.

Whether it can ever come close to the popularity of their old stomping grounds, only time will tell. But for now, fans of the duo are demonstrably showing their support on the Internets. Check out some of the reactions (mostly good, but some bad) in the gallery. Peep the first episode of Rory & Mal below.


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